The Jaqek Reality Breach has been agape for nearly 20 years now, and DivSov resources are beginning to run dry. Their blockade has become a battle of attrition, and contact with the surviving Jaqek nationals trapped inland has grown scarce. The emotional stability of the public is quickly deteriorating. Many have families or simply empathize with those stuck within the quarantined nation, and everyone else has begun to feel the weight of looming existential doom. 

It is a stalemate; DivSov cannot both keep the peace inland and maintain quarantine of Jaqek. Nor can the Borderlands be defended with all strength focused on a small nation. World collapse is in progress. 

A new initiative has been commissioned by DivSov to relieve pressure on their own forces, and to address mass civil unrest. an initiative with the sole purpose of closing the Breach and destroying other existential threats to the Hollow.

They are building the first Hunters. 

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The Garden of Hera

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